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Uplift Michigan Academy is a tuition-free online public school for students in grades K-12 who reside in any county in Michigan. Our personalized approach, online content and support allows increased flexibility for the demands of today’s students. Using technology, we link teachers, hundreds of courses and students so we can tailor learning to your child’s needs, talents, interests, and learning style. We are accredited by AdvancED and offer four tracks for further academic and career exploration including the Digital Academy, Career Academy, Global Language Academy, and Valiant Prep.

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Unlock Your Child’s Potential

Trust us to provide your child with:

  • A high-quality public school education featuring exceptional online curriculum developed by Pearson, the world’s learning company.
  • Instruction and support delivered in real time from passionate, experienced, Michigan-certified teachers.
  • Interactive web tools, online lesson plans, and live instruction without distractions or peer pressure.
  • A nationally recognized diploma.
  • A tuition-free education.

Why Choose Uplift Michigan Academy?

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Stay Connected

Technology drives everything we do at Uplift Michigan Academy. Our courses are 100% online. Our vast collection of web tools and digital education techniques provide a totally unique school experience for qualified students. We do not require that students conform to our routine. Rather, we have designed a flexible online curriculum that conforms to our students’ unique lifestyles. Our students live very busy lives that do not always leave time for a conventional school experience. At Uplift Michigan Academy, our students can learn from practically anywhere and at any time. We provide the most cutting-edge technology to make learning easier and more rewarding.

Quality Without The Cost

Uplift Michigan Academy is accredited by AdvancED and it won’t cost you a penny to enroll! Your child will receive a quality education and everything they need to earn a high school diploma while preparing for college and a career. We have streamlined school to its most valuable essentials. When students focus on the essentials, their productivity soars. And when you consider that all of this comes at no cost, the value is tremendous.